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Reports with interactive data give you the best insights into the Dutch housing market.

Our Research services

By using data sources at different scales, we can provide informative reports on issues related to residential and commercial real estate.

Quick scan

Need quick advice? Immediately get a clear insight into the current housing market in a selected area of your choice. Ideal for a first exploration!

Market scan

Get even more information about the local market through insight into target groups, market potential, new construction references and much more. Ideal for concept development or testing.

Custom reports

A specific request to Realtech? We are happy to investigate it! Contact our Research department, and we will get to work for you immediately!

Examples of our assignments

Realtech Research investigates varying issues for different clients. View some examples of recent assignments here. 

Concept formation

Rental price advice

Parking standard tests

Big data visualized

Realtech Research converts large datasets for each study into easy-to-understand visuals. 

Societal research

Sando van der Helm

Business Developer

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