With Maklr you keep control of your new construction project

We offer customers a clear and easy online environment to register for your new construction project.

The customer journey in Maklr

The customer deserves all the attention, especially digitally. Our online environment has been built from the ground up with user-friendliness as the highest priority. Your customer will soon be able to buy his dream home by following a clear step-by-step plan. 

Digital where possible, physical where needed

Maklr takes unnecessary work off your hands while customer satisfaction increases. Easily set up your own trusted sales process with the extra help of the Maklr tools.

Always up to date

View the status of your project at a glance through our unique online dashboard. Use project data to make informed decisions about pricing or marketing at lightning speed.

Lower the risk of dropouts

Maklr helps to distribute and allocate homes automatically based on our custom algorithm. Do you want to carry out the distribution yourself, or automatically assign reserve candidates? No problem!

Always and everywhere

Both the Maklr buyer and seller environment are fully responsive and can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop. Buyers can register for your project whenever and wherever they want. Completely corona proof.

All benefits at a glance

Our Maklr. suite is designed with both yours and your clients' needs in mind. This way you can be sure that you always offer the best service.

For you

For your buyers

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Start selling digitally

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