Realtech data sets

Thanks to our various tools, we are able to accurately map the housing requirements of the Dutch consumer. Discover how we can enrich your project with our data sets.

How do people want in live?

Suitable building land in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly scarce today. It is therefore very important that the plans that can be realized connect seamlessly with the wishes of the consumer.


How do we collect data?

Sell through Maklr.

Approximately 3,000 candidates register in an average new-build project. By analyzing big data, we provide insight into which target groups are interested in which homes.

Targetted Lead Campaigns

When a draft plan has been developed, the details of the profiles can be enriched with real-time data from social media campaigns. These campaigns can measure data up to a high level, such as the housing type and corresponding floor area.

Your own dashboard with real-time insights

Always up to date

Follow all relevant data in a personalized dashboard. This makes it clear at a glance what the target group wants and it is easier to convince parties of your concept.

Sando van der Helm

Business Developer

Curious about what we can measure for your project?

Get new insights with our demand side data.