Sell new construction easier, faster and better

Maklr offers real estate professionals a complete digital sales funnel for new-build homes, from A to Z. Don't waste your time on repetitive administrative hassle, but focus on your customer again. 

How does Maklr

Our innovative Maklr platform helps real estate professionals every day with the sale of new-build homes.

Create the project

Create a new project quickly and easily and create construction numbers and additional work in an instant.

Start the registrations

Users can't wait to register online for their new dream home!

Sell in one click

Our algorithm helps you to distribute all the lot numbers within a second, based on user preferences and financial risks.

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Why choose Maklr?

Less hassle

The time of paper piles is over. Candidates will easily register for your project, while Maklr screens all users in accordance with local financial regulations. After the distribution of the construction numbers, candidates can immediately sign the agreement digitally.

Price optimization up to 3%

Based on continuous analysis of user data, project turnover can be optimized at an early stage by the use of our custom Dynamic Pricing Model.

User-friendliness on #1

The complete online environment for your candidates is set up in Dutch and English to make registration as easy as possible, regardless of affinity with computers. 

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